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bruschetta carciofi bread topped with an artichoke tapenade.      7.50

bruschetta pomodoro bread topped with vine ripened tomato, basil, garlic and extra virgin olive oil.       7.50

bruschetta gorgonzola e rucola bread topped with gorgonzola and rocket.          7.50

pane all’ aglio garlic bread.      6.50

pane alle erbe mixed herb bread.          6.50

olive verde impanate bread crumbed green olives filled with goats cheese and shallow fried.     9.90

acciughe bianche white anchovies, extra virgin olive oil, red onion, parlsey, pepper, drizzled with balsamic vinegar. 17.90 *



carpaccio scampi thinly sliced scampi marinated with extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper, diced spanish onion.     20.90 *

carpaccio bresaola cured beef thinly sliced topped with artichokes, rocket, drizzled with lemon juice,  extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar.   19.90 *

insalata caprese con prosciutto buffalo mozzarella, truss tomatoes, basil, prosciutto, pepper; finished with extra virgin olive oil.   18.90 *

calamari e gamberi fritti calamari & prawns lightly floured with salt & pepper shallow fried, served with garlic aioli.     19.90 / 29.90

fiori di zucchini ripieni shallow fried zucchini flowers filled with buffalo mozzarella, ricotta,  sun dried tomato served on napoletana (seasonal availability).   18.90 / 28.90

cozze al pomodoro Tasmanian mussels pot braised with tomato, garlic, white wine, chilli.     17.90 / 27.90 *

insalate e contorni

insalata rucola e radicchio baby rocket, radicchio, fennel drizzled with red wine vinegar and  extra virgin olive oil.    11.90 *

rucola baby rocket, pear, walnut dressed with our special balsamic dressing topped with parmesan cheese.  10.90 *

insalata mista mixed leaves, tomatoes, olives, spanish onions, cucumber, red capsicum drizzled  with a mayonnaise vinaigrette.     9.90 *

spinaci saltati spinach sautéed in extra virgin olive oil and garlic.     11.90 *

patatine fritte shoestrings chips.       7.90

pure di patate mash potato.    8.90 *

vegetali misti sautéed mixed vegetables.    8.90 *


* gluten free


This menu may change at any time due to availability.

hot pots

garlic prawns tiger prawns pot braised in virgin olive oil, garlic, parsley served sizzling.   21.90 / 29.90 *

misto mare hot pot with mussels, calamari, king prawns, john dory, moreton bay bug, clams, garlic, chilli, extra virgin olive oil, parsley and tomato; served in a hot pot.     43.90 *


bistecca alla fiorentina Angus grain-fed 600g t-bone served with sautéed vegetables.  36.90 *
with dianne or porcini mushroom sauce* extra $4.90

pollo boscaiola pan braised chicken breast fillet with bacon, mushroom and cream, served with  vegetables.     28.90 **

agnello balsamico grilled lamb rump served on spinach finished with reduced  aged balsamic sauce.   31.90 *

saltimbocca romana pan braised milk fed veal with prosciutto, filantina cheese, sage, napoletana,  white wine, served with vegetables.    31.90 **

polletto alla diavola butterflied spatchcock, white wine, chilli, garlic served with vegetables.    29.90 *


sogliola alla griglia grilled NZ lemon sole served with chips.     29.90 **

grigliata mista di mare grilled king prawns, moreton bay bug, calamari, john dory, mussels, clams  finished with a herb oil.    43.90 *

san pietro alla griglia grilled john dory fillet, served on mash potato, topped with a king prawn and  a lemon butter sauce.     34.90 *


fegato alla veneziana grilled thinly sliced calf livers with caramelized onion, marsala, sage, rosemary white wine served with polenta.      25.90 *             


This menu may change at any time due to availability.


gnocchi pomodoro home made potato dumplings pan tossed with basil, oregano and napoletana.  17.90 / 24.90
gnocchi gorgonzola home made potato dumplings pan tossed with gorgonzola, nutmeg and cream. 17.90 / 24.90
gnocchi sorrentina home made potato dumplings baked with filantina cheese and napoletana. 17.90 / 24.90
chitarra bolognese spaghetti with a slow pot braised veal, beef and pork bolognese. 17.90 / 24.90
chitarra alla carbonara spaghetti pan tossed with crispy pancetta, egg, pepper, extra virgin olive oil and grated parmesan. 17.90 / 24.90
pappardelle ragu con porcini wide flat egg pasta pan tossed with a ragù of pot-braised beef, porcini mushrooms and napoletana. 17.90 / 24.90
fettuccine boscaiola fettuccine pan tossed with mushrooms, pancetta, cream, parsley, and parmesan cheese. 17.90 / 24.90
linguine modo mio linguine pan tossed with Moreton Bay bugs, fresh tomatoes, mint, garlic, and chilli. 20.90 / 28.90
lasagna al forno home made beef and pork lasagna oven baked. 17.90 / 24.90
fettuccine sambuca fettuccine pan tossed with prawns, fresh tomatoes, garlic, chilli, shallots, cream flamed with sambuca. 19.90 / 27.90
linguine frutti di mare linguine pan tossed with an array of fresh seafood, white wine, chilli, fresh tomatoes.  19.90 / 27.90
ravioli all’ anitra home made ravioli filled with duck and prosciutto served with a butter, stock and sage sauce.18.90 / 25.90
pasta campagnola short pasta pan tossed with crispy bacon, baby spinach, garlic, touch of chilli, topped with fresh ricotta cheese. 17.90 / 23.90
pasta pesto e pomodoro short pasta pan tossed with pesto, cream topped with diced tomatoes. 17.90 / 23.90
pasta vegetariana short pasta pan tossed with mixed vegetables and napoletana. 17.90 / 23.90

gluten free short or long pasta available with most dishes on request risotto $5.00 extra


risotto porcini arborio rice pan tossed with porcini mushrooms, button mushrooms, white wine, parmesan cheese. 18.90 / 24.90
risotto primavera arborio rice with rocket, chicken, diced onions, shallots, tomatoes, touch chilli & white wine. 17.90 / 23.90
risotto pescatora arborio rice pan tossed with an array of fresh seafood, white wine, chilli, fresh tomatoes. 19.90 / 27.90
risotto granchio arborio rice pan tossed with fresh blue swimmer crab meat, basil, garlic, chilli, cream and napoletana. 18.90 / 24.90
risotto vegetariano arborio rice pan tossed with mixed vegetables and napoletana. 17.90 / 23.90

all risotto dishes are gluten free


This menu may change at any time due to availability.


gelato misto a selection of home made mixed gelato. 10.90 **
tiramisu a traditional Italian dessert with mascarpone, eggs and savoiardi biscuits soaked in espresso coffee and marsala.  10.90
cioccolato fondente chocolate fondant served with vanilla bean gelato. (served warm, allow 25 mins cooking time) 15.90
torta del giorno home-made tart of the day, scoop of vanilla bean gelato. 13.90
torta di mandorle e arancia gluten & dairy free orange & almond cake. 13.90 *
fragole con liquore fresh strawberries with Grand Marnier, scoop of vanilla bean gelato. 13.90 *
crème brulee traditional vanilla crème brulee 10.90 **
mousse di cioccolato dark Belgium chocolate mousse topped with fresh cream, strawberry.  9.90 *
affogato vanilla bean gelato topped with a warm shot of espresso. 9.90 *
affogato corretto vanilla bean gelato topped with a warm shot of espresso, a nip of liqueur of your choice. 13.50 *
(Frangelico, Baileys, Tia Maria, Sambuca, Nocello, Galliano, Kahlua)
Top shelf Liqueurs and Ports extra

vini dolci

miramar doux blanc (gls) 8.00 28.00
pirramimma late harvest riesling 39.00
pokolbin estate neils autumn riesling (gls) 9.00 35.00
dolce far niente late harvest semillon (gls)11.00 39.00
brown brothers orange, muscat & flora (gls) 7.00 23.50

caffè e tè

espresso, macchiato 3.80
cappuccino, flat white, picolo 4.00
caffé latte, vienna, mocha, hot chocolate, chai latte 4.50
english breakfast, rose earl grey, green, peppermint, cammomile 4.50

* gluten free ** gluten free on request


This menu may change at any time due to availability.

Homemade beef & pork lasagna 13.90
Short pasta Bolognese 13.90
Fettuccine with butter and cheese 12.00
Chicken breast schnitzel with chips 15.90
Calamari and chips 15.90
Battered fish fillet and chips 15.90

Kids menu includes:
Glass of juice or soft drink
Followed by a scoop of homemade gelato